Party Bags

Parents spend as much as £5 on each party bag according to a consumer report carried out by World Bicycle Relief UK in 2014.  With an average of 21 children attending a party the average spend on party bags is £105 per party. (Source:  So, save yourself some money and buy a Cats Whiskers Party Bag!

Cats Whiskers Party Bags include:

• A puzzle/colouring sheet

• A pack of mini felt tips

• 5 quality mini toys (e.g. duck whistle, stretchy men, ice cream poppers)

• 2 sweets/fruit treats

All packed in a colourful party bag for £2 each plus delivery.

Party/Prize Bags are included in our Children’s Party Packages and are discounted to £1.85 each when requested alongside our other services for a party/event booking.

Please contact us with the amount of party bags you require with your location and we will provide a quotation for delivery costs.