Face Painting

Face Painting is popular with all ages and genders.  This makes it a wonderfully flexible entertainment option that can be adapted to meet the needs of each client;

  • a private party,
  • a specific promotion or
  • a large company family fun day.

Using cosmetic grade face paints and glitters our artists can create:

  • Full face traditional designs e.g. tigers, butterflies and Dalmatians
  • Small motifs for cheeks or arms – particularly suitable for younger children
  • Elaborate eye designs – enhanced make-up for teenagers or adults
  • Masquerade masks – for the belle of the Ball!
  • Decoration on necks, arms, legs and backs
  • Stencilled designs for logos
  • UV face painting – great for nightclubs.

Our face painting set up is generally static, using chairs and a table to arrange our working area.  On occasion it may be more appropriate for us to move to our customer rather than them coming to us; for example, when entertaining the queue at Santa’s Grotto.  On these occasions we have a smaller ‘walk-about’ palette that lets us paint on the move.

We have a wealth of experience in adapting our face painting to meet the needs and requirements of our clients, so if you have a specific request or requirement please get in touch and let us know.  We can also design and cut stencils for specific logos or designs.

Designs take approximately 5 minutes per face, sometimes slightly more for the elaborate adult designs.  Therefore we can paint approx. 10 – 12 faces in an hour per artist