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Winning a Monster Face Painting Achievement Award

Ruth's butterfly designIt doesn’t matter how many times you win an award, it’s always very special; all the more so when the award has been judged and given by your peers.

At the Somerset Face Painting Jam on 24th January 2015, I won first place in the Monster Face Painting competition.  It was a surprise and an honour to win against such an amazingly talented group of South West artists.

The Somerset Face Painting Jam, organised by Katie Pearson of Magic Minds Face Painting, attracts face painting artists from all over the South West and from as far away as London.  It’s a great opportunity for us all to meet up to network, learn and practise – with a little bit of face painting retail therapy from the vendors who join us!

My daughter joined me at the Jam for her first taste of this sort of event.  At thirteen, she’s proving to be a talented face painter.  I was incredibly proud of her for entering her first competition and being awarded a Highly Commended for the butterfly face painting design that she painted on me.

Ruth painting me   Award winning monster

So, if you’d like to have an award winning face painter join you at your event, please give us a call.

4b, n=3 6 for each time point)

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The IRS seized property division auctions property that has

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For $157 or $83, I buy a Natasha Denona or Viseart palette

God, it relentless. It hard to look at. People have no idea what happening in Iraq. Feb. 16 ” The Provincial Exhibition TMs President TMs Dinner will be held in the Victoria Inn featuring Made in Manitoba family style meal; live entertainment by Dueling Pianos; live auction; silent auction; lucky number auction and scholarship presentation. Com.

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Every single life matters, every death as a result of violence

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It’s up a long dirt driveway off Route 100 up in the woods at

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cheap Canada Goose Ryan Murray, 14, right, of Lake Forest, IL, enjoys his role as co pilot and photographer as pilot, Cody Welch, of Linden, Michigan, looks out across Champaign County during a flight from a 1929 Ford Tri Motor 4AT E in Urbana, Ill on Thursday, June 9, 2011. The nine passenger airplane was restored over the span of 12 years by volunteers with Experimental Aircraft Association, or EAA, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. EAA members pay $50 for a flight and nonmembers pay $60 cheap Canada Goose.